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Product Information Tank

The Alphacool Eisball reservoir with integrated pump presents itself with a completely unique design. With a digital RGB ring that runs completely around the circumference of the Eisball, beautiful eye-catching illumination is guaranteed. Thanks to the versatile mounting options, the Eisball can be accommodated in many cases.

Unique Design  
The Alphacool Eisball is the first reservoir in the form of a sphere. This makes it an absolute eye-catcher in any water-cooled system. The 22 digital RGB LEDs, which run once completely around the circumference of the Eisball, illuminate the Eisball perfectly. The addressable digital RGB LEDs are housed in an elegant chrome-plated ring, which further enhances the outstanding appearance. A digital RGB controller is of course part of the accessories. The Alphacool logo is a simple matt silver and fits perfectly to the overall look.

Versatile Mounting Options
A Velcro mat and two different mounting plates are included in the delivery giving you multiple mounting options. One mounting plate is used to mount the Eisball on radiators and 120 or 140mm fan mounts. The second mounting plate offers several possibilities for mounting. One side of the Velcro mat can be stuck onto the plate and the other side can be placed anywhere in the case. This allows you to simply stick the Eisball on to the Velcro mat inside the case and remove as and when you need to. The mounting plate also allows you to mount the Eisball to a 2.5″ SSD bay. The outer mounting holes are suitable for mounting the Eisball to the universal Alphacool pump mount. In combination with the VPP755, the Alphacool Eisball can even be operated upside down. But only and exclusively with the Alphacool VPP755 pump. Standard Laing D5 pumps cannot be operated upside down due to the spherical bearing.

Where’s the Pump?
The pump almost completely disappears inside the Eisball. It is inserted into the Eisball from below and fastened with a special pump bracket. All Alphacool’s own D5 style pumps such as the VPP655 and VPP755 as well as all original Laing D5 pumps are suitable for installation.

Is the Eisball Quiet?
Since the pump is mounted inside the Eisball, it is almost completely enclosed by the reservoir and thus by the water which acts as an insulation. This means that the vibrations are not transmitted to the case of the Eisball, decouplers are also included with the Eisball, which can be used to mount the Eisball, further reducing vibrations. Both factors together make the Eisball a real Silent product.

Filling and connections?
The Eisball has a fill port on the upper side, which can be used to quickly and easily fill the Eisball with a fill bottle. The maximum capacity of the Eisball is 700 ml. The IN and Out ports are located on the back of the Eisball, each with a “G ¼” thread.  Alphacool fittings for 16 mm hoses or 13 mm HardTube connections can be screwed in directly. For 16 mm HardTube connections an extension or an elbow is required.

The Eisball not only a visual delight but is also unique in its functionality and technical implementation.


Technical Details:

  • LxWxH: 117,51 x 128 x 128 mm
  • BxTxH with mounting material and decoupler: 130,01 x 128 x 128 mm
  • Net weight: 510 g
  • max. operating temperature: 60 °C
  • material Eisball: transparent nylon
  • material pump holder: Acetal
  • material Digital RGB ring: Acetal
  • color Eisball: transparent
  • color Digital RGB Ring: Chrome
  • Threads: IN 1x G1/4“ / OUT 1 x G1/4“
  • Fillport: 1 x G1/4“
  • Digital RGB connector: 3-Pin 5V aRGB (adapter for 4-1 Pin aRGB included)
  • voltage Digital RGB: 5VDC
  • capacity: 700 ml

Product Information Pump

VPP755 Eispump Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (DxH): 60 x 53.5mm
  • Cable length: 50cm
  • Standard voltage: 12V DC
  • Power consumption: 14W
  • Permitted voltage: 8-13V DC
  • Pressure at 12V: 4m water head
  • Maximum flow rate: 350l/h
  • Pump medium: water, water/glycol mixture
  • Maximum system temperature: 65ºC
  • Power connection: 4-pin molex
  • Tach signal: 3-pin
  • PWM signal: 4-pin
  • Special feature: adjustable in five levels
    • Level 1: 1800 RPM
    • Level 2: 2500 RPM
    • Level 3: 3200 RPM
    • Level 4: 3900 RPM
    • Level 5: 4500 RPM

Eisdecke Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 40mm
  • Dimensions with stands: 83 x 80 x 87mm
  • Material: acetal
  • Connections: 5x 1/4″ threads

Scope of Delivery

  • 1x Alphacool Eispump VPP755 – G1/4 IT incl. Eisdecke D5 – Acetal V.3

Removing the impeller from the ceramic shaft will cause the upper ceramic clamping ring to over-expand, which will destroy it! Removal will void the pump’s warranty!

If the pump is put together again and put back into operation, the clamping ring will loosen, which is not accepted as grounds for a return or exchange…


Attention: The manufacturer Mayhems advises that Mayhems fluids, especially the Aurora line of products, have been manufactured and distributed solely for show and modding purposes. These should not be utilized in the system for more than 14 days.

We would also like to advise that Mayhems fluids can damage water cooling products, and using Mayhems fluids can thereby void the warranties offered by the following manufacturers: Koolance, Phobya, Alphacool, Aqua Computer, Watercool.

Damages such as: clogging, corrosion of aluminium radiators, deterioration of glued containers, etc., are a consequence of the use of Mayhems, but will not be reimbursed by Mayhems. Use is therefore at one’s own risk.

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